LocknCharge carts

LocknCharge is a company dedicated to the design, manufacture and distribution of the highest quality and most functional security, charging and transport solutions for storing Laptop, Tablet, Chromebook, iPad and other mobile devices.

Their purpose, and the reason for doing what they do, is to make people’s life easier. They develop solutions that make life easier for people managing deployments of mobile technology and the people using the mobile technology.

We can supply the full range of LocknCharge carts, including:

- iQ 20 Cart
- Carrier 20 Cart
- iQ 10 Sync Charge Station
- iQ 10 Charging Station
- Carrier 10 Charging Station
- Carrier 30 Cart
- Carrier 40 Cart
- iQ 30 Cart
- iQ 16 Cart
- iQ 16 Sync Charge Box
- iQ Wall Cages
- iQ Travel Case 20
- Baskets, device racks and other accessories

Please contact us with your requirements, or to enquire about on-site demonstration.