Tubestick digital DVB-T (DTT) receiver

Equinux Tubestick digital DVB-T (DTT) receiver




TubeStick is the bold TV receiver for your Mac or PC. Beneath its sleek, white exterior is a digital DVB-TT (DTT) receiver that allows you to watch and record digital TV and even carry it with you. So convenient and small, it makes TV-watching even more fun.

Probably the smallest DVB-T stick around
Good thing come in small packages. Offering maximal power in mini form, the TubeStick remains at an unbeatable price. So it's even more fun to watch digital TV on your computer.

Stylish, shapely and all in white
Fan of the sleek, white design? The developers of the TubeStick aim to please. Not only its form but also its minimalist white exterior will shine next to your Apple mouse or remote.

Makes room for more
With its slim design, the TubeStick is a real team player. Thanks to its compact technology, it doesn't take up any more space that it has to, leaving room for other devices to do their thing.

The total package
The TubeStick doesn't come alone. You'll also get the with antenna, a USB extension cable, an antenna adaptor and the software, The Tube - everything you need to fully enjoy the TubeStick.

Enjoy on your Mac & PC
TubeStick makes digital TV a blast on your PC at work and on your Mac at home. With the appropriate Windows driver, you can also enjoy live TV with your TubeStick on Windows Media Center, for example.

The small companion for the big TV experience
With the next generation of TubeStick, you can be sure that you‘ve got one of the smallest TV receivers around. It‘s perfect for mobile use since it requires so little space.

Consistent white design
TubeStick doesn‘t need any extra embellishments. Its sleek lines and curved edges make it an elegant companion. And with its white antenna, it perfectly matches your Apple accessories.

All the best technology inside
TubeStick may be small but its performance is impressive. It runs on every USB 2.0 port and ensures smooth digital TV viewing - with great reception thanks to the newest chip technology.

Team player with connections
In the TubeStick package you‘ve got everything you need for TV reception: an antenna, a USB extension cable, an antenna adaptor and the software, The Tube. You don‘t need more.

The Tube: The modern TV software for your Mac
The Tube allows you to watch, pause and rewind digital TV on your Mac. You can also read up on the current and upcoming TV programs airing in the next few days with the electronic program guide (EPG). There you can easily search for shows, filter by channel and program recordings. In addition, The Tube shows the actual percentage of viewers watching each show to help you decide what you should watch.

TubeTalk: Chat with other viewers
In TubeTalk, there‘s a chat room for every channel so you can chat with other viewers about what‘s happening on TV or anything else that‘s on your mind.

Program your recordings with a simple click
One click in the EPG is all it takes to program your recordings. The Tube takes care of the rest. You can also take advantage of the built-in Timeshift feature to pause, rewind and record shows at any time. Even here The Tube demonstrates its intelligence by ending the recording as soon as the selected show is over.

TubeToGo: Offers freedom with your iPhone
The iPhone App, TubeToGo lets you manage your TV recordings on your iPhone or iPod touch when you‘re on the go, as well as publish them on the Web and watch them there.

Live TV on your iPhone
With the iPhone App Live TV you can stream all the channels The Tube receives on your Mac via a local network.

Package Contents
- TV receiver for digital TV
- Mini antenna with magnetic base • USB extension cable
- External antenna adaptor
- Software: The Tube, TubeToGo

Mac Requirements
Intel-Processor with 1 GB RAM, 2 GB disk storage, Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, built-in USB 2.0 port
PC Requirements
Windows Media Center software, included with Windows Vista Home Premium or Windows Vista Ultimate or Windows XP Media Center Edition.

Model no.: EQ20072