Liquid Wipe-On Screen Protector
  • Liquid Wipe-On Screen Protector

Shark Proof Liquid Wipe-On Screen Protector




Revolutionary nanotechnology wipe on screen protector for your smart device, any brand, any model, any make!

No more bubbles or annoying edges, whether you have an iPhone or Samsung, any brand phone up to 10.1" screen size.

Are you still using out dated iPhone protector or samsung protector?
Time to use wipe on liquid screen protector and make your device Shark Proof!

Welcome to the future of screen protection technology, we have devised a unique formulation that utilizes nano-coating and forms a hard shield around the glass screen which is stronger, tougher, and more durable with hundred percent no traces of air bubbles. Not only it makes your smart phone free of air bubbles but you can say goodbye to those annoying edges which limited your device’s functionality.

The liquid forms an invisible layer which gives a high gloss finish and enhances the clarity of the screen at the same time so that you can always enjoy HD experience. Once the liquid is applied to the glass screen it will give you up to two years of protection against air bubbles, dust, grease and smudges. It is a one simple solution to all your glass screen problems.

- 1x Cleaner / Primer used to prep your glass surface
- 1x Nano Applicator used for applying the liquid screen protector as a wipe
- 1x Anti Static Microfibre cloth used for buffing the screen after application 1 X Shark Proof Sticker Card for cleaning your screen after your application
- International user manual

Compatible with: any device up to 10.1" screen size

Model no.: SP0001

Model Number: SP0001