GateWay VR Virtual Reality Headset

Cygnett GateWay VR Virtual Reality Headset




Your spectating days are both numbered and about to change. You can now easily immerse yourself into the world of Virtual Reality Entertainment (VRE) by simply placing your smartphone into the Cygnett VR-GW 360° Headset.

A whole world awaits full of new innovative viewing and entertainment fun as you utilize VR technology in a simple to use yet effective form. Step into the latest VR technology by simply noticing what’s happening all around you - behind you, above you, below you, beside you and of course right in front of you with clearest of vision.

360° videos
Watch videos of spaces and environments like never before in a full 360 degree viewing angle. Whether that be the adrenalin rush of racing through a motocross course or snow skiing down the slopes of a double black. Really feel like you are sitting at that sporting event as you take in your surroundings from every possible angle.

Watch 3D videos and movies in a perfectly clear high resolution image. Become a part of the video clip and feel like you are standing there right on that stage almost able to reach out and touch the audience. View the goings on in a TV recording studio as you watch everyone from the audience to the TV crew react and support the host.

360° photos
View spaces from all over the globe from the splendor of the Grand Canyon to standing under the majestic Eiffel Tower. Gaze up from the base of this structure as well as all around you. Tour places you have never visited, homes that you could one day own and even the possibility of viewing your yet to be built structure in a VR format via the use of the VR-GW 360° Headset.

Through the new Gateway VR Headset you will be able to access your phones files, photos and videos through the linked App like never before. This we believe is set to become an area of huge growth and expansion. Gaming – use in conjunction with your favourite interactive VR games and you will find yourself completely immersed into your gaming experience from every angle. Feel the excitement and pressure on a whole new level.

The VR-GW 360° Headset features a flip down hatch with a magnetic closure system so that your smartphone can be easily loaded into the headset. This flip down system also allows easy access to charging at either end of the device.

When your smartphone is placed inside the unit it is supported by a rubberized slightly adhesive pad to give your phone extra support and grab whilst sitting within the unit The VR-GW 360° Headset fits most smartphones from a 4 inch unit such as the iPhone 5 through to a 5.5 inch Samsung Galaxy S9.


Model Number: CY2023VRHEA