LMP USB-C Power Adapter (61W & 12W)

USB-C Power Adapter (61W & 12W) at equip-u.com

When it comes to charging your MacBook Pro, having only a single USB-C power adapter might not be enough. The LMP USB-C Power Adapter features a 60W outlet via its attached 1.5m USB-C cable as well as USB-A port for charging your smartphone or tablet with up to 12W (5V 2.4A). Whether you are on the road and need to charge your MacBook Pro and your iOS gear simultaneously or you want a stationary power outlet, this TÜV approved USB-C power adapter combines it both in a sleak housing. An AC cable of 1.8m and the USB-C charging cable of 1.5m are included.

The LMP USB-C Power Adapter 61W&12W provides the full power to both ports at the same (rated 72W) thus enabling the charging of a laptop and iOS devices without compromise at the same time. The LMP USB-C Power Adapter can be used with all devices that are following the USB Power Delivery rules. It can charge at 15W (5V 3A), 29W (9V 3A), 45W (15V 3A), and 60W (20V 3A) and will automatically detect which power is required. It is TÜV approved and features over-current, overcharge, over-temperature and short circuit protection.

Model Number: 17194