GoPower battery pack for Apple Watch (4000mAh)

Kanex GoPower battery pack for Apple Watch (4000mAh)




Designed for the Apple Watch with the same magnetic inductive charging technology as the original Apple Watch charging cable, inductive charging is activated instantly when charger's magnet aligns with the Apple Watch. Enables pass-thru charging feature. Your devices get charged first, and then the battery pack recharges itself.

Charge Apple Watch and iPhone simultaneously.

- Additional USB port
- LED indicator displays the life of the battery
- Light-weight and portable
- 4000mAh battery
- Smart over-charging
- Dual Charging
- Battery Type: Lithium Ion Polymer

- Apple Watch
- Apple Watch Sport
- Apple Watch Edition
- All 38mm and 42mm models
- iPhones and other smartphone devices

Model Number: K168-1066