X-Rite ColorChecker chart

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ColorChecker Chart – Non-subjective colour standards

Designed for use in both traditional and digital photography, the ColorChecker Chart is an excellent colour calibration tool, and can be used in conjunction with digital camera profiling software to create accurate digital camera profiles. The ColorChecker features 24 scientifically prepared coloured squares which reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum. By taking a test shot of the ColorChecker Chart, you can create an accurate, non-subjective standard for colour comparison and evaluation.

- 24 scientifically prepared coloured squares in a checkerboard array (approximately A4 in size)
- Colours designed to represent natural objects of interest (e.g. human skin, foliage, blue sky)
- Offers a non-subjective colour comparison standard – avoid costly, time-consuming mistakes
- Suitable for colour quality evaluation in graphic arts, electronic publishing and television
- Includes protective envelope

Under normal conditions, the ColorChecker Chart should be replaced every 2 - 4 years in order to maintain colour accuracy.

Model Number: MSCCC