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X-Rite ColorChecker Classic XL Target


This is a larger version of the ColorChecker Classic for those shots taken at a greater distance like at an outdoor event, on a larger set or for drone photography. Measuring an impressive 53 x 37 cm, the Classic XL is the second largest photographic target, with only the ColorChecker Classic MEGA overshadowing its size. The XL target is an ideal tool for the following photographic scenarios and more –

- Photo – wide shots: landscape, long distance portraits, travel
- Distance photography; interviews, presentations, large sets
- Aerial photography; drone photography

The XL target is ideal for creating custom camera profiles (DNG and ICC), correcting neutral balance and exposure, and provides a standard for colour corrections.

The Classic XL is also available to purchase with an optional sleeve or case for added protection on location.

What is a ColorChecker?
The ColorChecker target is an array of 24 scientifically formulated colours that has been the leading industry colour reference target for more than 40 years. It is designed to deliver true-to-life colour reproduction so that photographers and filmmakers can predict and control how colour will look under any illumination. Use the ColorChecker Classic XL to create custom camera profiles, colour grade footage or use as a visual reference. Available in a variety of sizes.

Each of the 24 colours found on a ColorChecker target represents the actual colour of natural objects, such as human skin tone, foliage and blue sky, and reflects light just like its real-world counterpart. Since these colours exemplify the colour of their counterparts in the natural world and reflect light the same way in all parts of the visible spectrum, the squares will match the colours of representative samples of natural objects under any illumination, and with any colour reproduction process. Each solid patch is formulated individually to produce a pure, flat, rich colour.

Now even more powerful: Create both custom ICC and DNG camera profiles!
ColorChecker targets have been used by Colour perfectionists for the past decade to create custom DNG profiles for Adobe Lightroom® and Photoshop® workflows. Now you can also build custom ICC camera profiles for use in Capture One® (or other ICC compatible software) when you combine ColorChecker target with X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Calibration software. You’ll get accurate colour at capture based on specific lighting, camera and lens combination during any given shoot, saving valuable time in edit.

Number of Colors: 24 natural object, chromatic, primary and grey scale colours
Description of Colors:  White, black, 4 neutral greys, blue, green, red, yellow, magenta, cyan, orange, purplish blue, moderate red, purple, yellow green and orange yellow, dark skin, light skin, blue sky, foliage, blue flower and bluish green
Humidity Range: 85% or less, non-condensing
Target Size:  21 x 14.75 in (53.3 x 37.5 cm); Colour Chip Area 19.8 x 13.05 in (50.3 x 33.1 cm), thickness 0.12 in (.3 cm)

ColorChecker Classic XL target is currently supported by the following software:
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom via a free plugin
Color Finale
Black Magic DaVinci Resolve for colour grading in a video editing workflow
Hasselblad Phocus for ICC camera profiling
3DLUT Creator

Model Numbers
ColorChecker MSCCC-XL
ColorChecker + sleeve MSCCC-XL-SL
ColorChecker + case MSCCC-XL-CS