ewa-marine A-RED underwater housing (Red Epic / Scarlet / Dragon)

A-RED underwater housing (Red Epic / Scarlet / Dragon) at equip-u.com

The A-RED was designed specifically for the RED Epic but also fits the RED Dragon, Scarlet and Mysterium-X.

The ewa-marine A-RED housing is manufactured from double laminated PVC film and has an integrated, optically neutral flat glass port. A large tube is integrated on top of the housing to fit the 9inch RED Touch LCD which allows for great viewing. You will be able to fit a "RED BRICK 153Wh" inside the housing.

The housing is closed by a clamping rail with four easy to turn thumb-screws. It is important that the surfaces around the closing rail are always clean, especially the clear film of the housing.

The A-RED housing is perfect for snorkelling or shallow diving, sandy, dusty, humid or foul weather conditions.

- Max recommended depth: 10m
- Double laminate PVC with anodised Al clamping rail.
- Flat optical glass port (127mm Ø )

The A-RED housing is limited to the following lens specifications (PL-Mount):
- To fit lenses with a maximum length 180mm (7.09inches).
- To fit lenses with a maximum diameter of 107mm (4.21 inches).
-  To fit lenses with a maximum filter thread size of 95mm.

Supplied accessories
Black carrying case with waterproof interior,
Manual for ewa-marine video housings,
Initial supply of silica gel sachets (CD5),
port adapter for 95mm threads, Step-up ring 77-82mm and 82-95mm.
foam padding.

Dimensions /mm: 380L × 120W × 240H. 
Weight: 1500g (without camera)

Model Number: A-RED