K10 body camera
  • K10 body camera

Kaiser Baas K10 body camera




The Kaiser Baas K10 Body-worn Cam will allow Security Officers to gather information and evidence as it happens. It will also provide police with the ability to present visual and audio evidence at court. It documents everything from encounters with witnesses, suspects, and victims, to the crime scene, interviews, interrogations, and even arrests — making cases that are typically difficult to prosecute, more probable.

Your expert witness
Use of the cameras while on-duty provides hard video evidence of decisions made by officers in high intensity situations. One of the most favored advantages brought about by this camera is the noticeable decrease in filed complaints against officers.

Rugged Design
Constructed with flame-retardant Polycarbonate ABS and lightweight TPU85 with block co-polymers. The Camera offers incredible durability and withstanding drops over 10 feet. Built to survive extreme temperatures and works even in any critical environment.

Clear Night Vision
The Camera is equipped with 4 high-intensity Infrared Sensors which allows incredibly superior night vision configurable to be activated automatically or manually. 

Mount it on the Windscreen
The CAR DVR mode allows this camera to perform all tasks of a dash cam.  

Records in HD Resolution
Produces very high quality 1920 x 1080p Videos. 

Wide Angle Lens
50% more coverage than other brands, K10 Body-worn Camera offers a super-wide 145° field-of-view ensuring crucial details aren't missed.

Track your routes
GPS journey-tracking will log your routes.

Playback with GPS RouteTracking
You can playback, track the speed and route through the PC software

Charging Station
The included charging station has a mini USB port which allows access to the camera whilst charging. 

Embed the staff ID
It has the ability to enter an officer's Staff ID number onto the unit. The ID number will be embedded on video.

Technical Specification

Video Format: H.264 .AVI/MPEG4
Picture Format: JPEG
Chipset: Ambrella A7LA50
Video Resolution: 1920 x1080P Maximum
Camera: 21 Megapixel Camera option with optional burst shot(3 or 5photos)
Field of View: 145°
Night Vision: Up to 10 Meters with Visible face image
IR Light: Yes,  2 x IR Light
GPS Tracking: Yes
LCD Screen: 2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display
Recordig Format: MPEG4(H264)
Fast forward & Rewind: 2X, 4X, 8X, 16X, 32X, 64X
Audio: High Quality Build-in Microphone
Audio Format: AAC2./MP3
Other Auxiliary Light: With one white light and one red laser light
PTT: Can Connect to Different Types of Radios
LCD Screen: 2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Colour Display
Embedded Water Mark: User ID, Time and date Stamp, GPS coordinates
ID Code: Supports 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID
Burst Photo: 1/3/5/20Shot burst picture taking
Storage type: Built-in 32 GB  (Standard), 16G/32G/64G/128G (Optional)

Recording Time for 32 Gb
12hours 48 minutes (Resolution 848x480P 30fps)
7 hours 48 minutes (Resolution 1280x720P 30fps)
6 hours 30 minutes (Resolution 1920x1080P 30fps)

Pre-record function: 30 seconds pre-record
Last-record function: 30 seconds last-record
Microphone: In-Built
Battery: Built-in 2900mAH Lithium

Battery Life, Continuous recording:
10 hours (848x480P 30fps)
8 hours ( 1280x720P 30fps)
5 hours(1920x1080P 30fps)

Charging Time: 180/240 minutes

Password Protection
To set an administrator password to allow deletion via software.
User can only view the videos but cannot delete it.

Operating Temperature Range: -40~60 degrees Celsius
Storage Temperature: -20~55 degrees Celsius
Ports: Mini USB, Mini HDMI, AV, Headphone
Waterproof: Yes, IP 65
Dimensions: 60x95x30mm
Weight: 176g

Model Number: KBA18001