VR-X virtual reality headset
  • VR-X virtual reality headset
  • VR-X virtual reality headset

Kaiser Baas VR-X virtual reality headset




Step Into The World Of Virtual Reality
The future of reality is here! Open your eyes to the endless possibilities of virtual reality with the VR-X Headset. Powered by your smartphone, the VR-X offers a fully immersive experience that is guaranteed to challenge your perception and propel you into alternate worlds.

The most affordable and simplest way to experience the new wave of VR, simply by using your smartphone
Not only is it compelling, it is interactive. The VR-X Headset uses your smartphone sensors in tandem to provide an immersive experience, giving you the perception of being physically present in a non-physical world. To use, simply download your VR app, slide your smartphone into the protective phone bracket and secure the VR-X Headset using the adjustable straps. The VR-X is completely wireless, allowing you the freedom of movement.

Download your favourite VR app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store and get ready! to experience the immersive world of Virtual Reality
With a Field Of View of 100˚ and supporting 3D effects, the VR-X will have you entering worlds beyond your wildest imagination, Are You Ready to travel the globe, explore iconic landmarks, fly into space, swim the ocean scenes, time travel? Step into the world of Virtual Reality.

Hundreds of VR apps available to download today
Huge library of VR apps available from Google Play Store and Apple App Store, including the popular Google Cardboard, VRSE, SBS On Demand VR, Discovery VR, InMind VR and Star Wars VR, the possibilities of Virtual Reality are endless.

- Field of View (FOV): 100°
- Screen Size Min/Max: 4.0’’- 6.0’’
- Phone Size Min/Max: 124 x 59mm – 158 x 78 mm
- 3D Effect Support: YES
- Interactive Magnetic Button: YES
- Earphone/Charger Slot: YES
- Dimensions: 203 x 150 x 133 mm
- Weight: 340 grams

Phone Requirements
- Gyroscope Sensor
- Screen size 4" - 6’"
- Minimum phone size 124mm x 59mm
- Maximum phone size 158mm x 78mm

Model Number: KBA14009