LMP Bluetooth Keypad

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Stand-alone and connectable with Apple wireless keyboard (A1314), 28-keys, OS X, WKP-1314

LMP’s numeric 28-keys keypad connects to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac and lets you work comfortably with numbers, tables, spreadsheets. With the included linkage bar you can connect it seamlessly to the original Apple wireless keyboard or Trackpad. The Bluetooth technology allows convenient wireless access to any Bluetooth-enabled Mac, no dongle or driver installation required.

- 28-keys wireless (Bluetooth) keypad for easy and fast working
- Linkage bar connects the LMP Keypad seamlessly with the Apple wireless keyboard (A1314)
- No dongle or driver installation required
- Can be used as a stand-alone wireless keypad
- Designed to t the Apple wireless keyboard in an elegant way
- Broadcom 3.0 Bluetooth chipset
- ABS plastic with aluminum-like coating
- Scissor-type membrane keys for high comfort typing

Connection type: Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology (Broadcom Bluetooth chipset)
Operating temperature: 0 to 50° C (10% to 95% relative humidity, 25° C)
Power delivery: 2x AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
Storage temperature: -10 to 65° C (5% to 90% relative humidity, 25° C)
Weight: 180 gr (including batteries)

Keypad not to be used with iPad/Tablet
Windows OS supported with some limitations
Apple Magic keyboard not included

System requirements
Mac OS X 10.5 or higher
Bluetooth-enabled Mac computer

Package content
28-key LMP Bluetooth keypad
Linkage bar
2 pcs. AA batteries
Manual and Quick Start Guide (German/English/French/Italian/Spanish)

Model Number: 8337