CRU / Wiebetech Media WriteBlocker

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Forensic in-line USB and flash media write-blocker.

- Easy flash drive write blocking
- Reliable evidence protection
- Multiple media connection types

Digital and forensics investigators, corporate IT staff, technicians, and lawyers who want to view and evaluate a flash drive or memory card, without tampering with the evidence, rely upon the WiebeTech® Media WriteBlocker.

Need to view a flash drive for evidence? Just connect it to the WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker. You’ll be able to view the drive and its contents without making any changes to it. The evidence will be preserved.

The WeibeTech Media WriteBlocker connects to a variety of flash media: SD Cards, CompactFlash, Memory Sticks, and USB thumb drives.

Additional features:
- Compact and lightweight design
- Optional read/write mode
- Free US-based customer support
- 2-year limited warranty

Whether you’re an IT manager, forensic investigator, or lawyer, the CRU WiebeTech Media WriteBlocker is a necessary part of your investigation toolkit.

Model Number: 31300-0183-0000