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Lawyers, forensics investigators, and corporate IT staff who want to transfer data from an unsecured network to a secured network rely upon the CRU® WiebeTech® USB DataDiode™ to protect data.

In network environments with secure (classified) networks, rules exist to keep the secure network isolated from less secure (unclassified) networks. USB DataDiode ensures connection to only one host at a time, so that secure and non-secure networks are never connected to each other.

USB DataDiode is connected to two hosts with two USB cables. It's easy to select the desired host with the flip of a switch.

Prepare data to copy from the unsecure host with full read/write access to the USB device connected to USB

Press the switch on USB DataDiode to terminate the connection with the unsecure host, and begin a connection with the secure host.

The secure host now can copy data, but cannot write any data back to the USB device, as this host has a read-only connection.

Use the included Forensic Software Utility to display information about connected devices and enable you to save the information in common text formats when in Read-Only mode.

Additional features:
- Compact design
- Plug-and-use operation
- Free lifetime phone tech support

Whether you’re a corporate IT manager, forensic investigator, or lawyer, the CRU WiebeTech USB DataDiode is a valuable part of your investigation toolkit.


Host (I/O) Ports: (2) USB 2.0: up to 480 Mbps

Drive Types Supported 
- USB Thumb Drives
- USB drives via USB cable (if the device class is USB Mass Storage Device and it does not use proprietary firmware)

Number of LEDs: 3
Description of LEDs: Read-write, read-only, power

Operating system compatibility
Windows XP or later
Windows Server 2003 or later
Mac OS X
Most modern Linux distributions

Bus power: Yes
Dimensions:  4.33" x 3.11" x 2.09" (110mm x 79mm x 53mm)
Weight: 0.35 lbs. (0.16 kg)
Write Blocking: Yes
Write Blocked ports: USB 2.0 Mass Storage Devices
Compliancy: RoHS
Warranty: CRU provides a 2-year limited warranty and free technical support for the lifetime for this product.

Model Number: 31290-0192-0000