Brydge 12.3 (Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4)

Brydge Brydge 12.3 (Microsoft Surface Pro 3/4)




Whether you are thinking about upgrading your existing Surface Pro 3 or 4, or in the market for a new Surface, the award-winning Brydge 12.3 delivers a laptop-like experience to the Surface like no other. Available with an integrated 128GB High-Speed SSD card.

Available with an integrated 128GB High-Speed SSD card (up to 600mb/s), the Brydge 12.3 Pro 128 offers the power user that little bit extra. Whether it be for immediate storage needs or extra capacity at a later time, the Pro 128 model offers the flexibility of an external Hard Drive without the inconvenience.

For those where storage is no issue, the standard Brydge 12.3 is the perfect option. 

Complete Flexibility
The Brydge 12.3 brings a full laptop-like experience to the Surface. Simply open the screen to the perfect angle from 0-180 degrees (without the need of a kickstand), and get the most out of your Surface. Productivity awaits.

Beautiful. Functional.
See why the Brydge 12.3 will change the way you use the Microsoft Surface forever!

Precision Engineered
Thin, light, and strong. Beauty meets strength with the premium feel you deserve and expect. Lighter than a SurfaceBook when paired with the Microsoft Surface Pro, the Brydge 12.3 only weighs 23 ounces, and has the same dimensions as the Surface Pro, for a beautifully seamless experience of size, texture, and color.

Surface vs MacBook
Switching from Mac to Surface is easy. With the Brydge 12.3 it's now even easier. With its full aluminium body, 180º rotating hinge & a full island-style keyboard, the Surface has never been more attractive.

It's all in the Hinge
Our patented hinge is the key to unlocking the potential of the Surface, giving you 0-180 degrees of viewing power. Designed for both the Surface Pro 3 & 4, the Brydge 12.3 gently grips the Surface holding it securely to the keyboard creating the perfect clamshell.

Lightweight, Yet Strong
Forged out of solid aluminum, the Brydge 12.3 bring a unique combination of strength & protection, all within a precision engineered lightweight body. The ultimate versatile productivity tool.

Powerful Productivity Anywhere
The Brydge 12.3 and Surface Pro give you unmatched productivity and versatility at the office, on the go, and at home.

Technical Specifications
Dimensions: 12in x 8.75in x 0.3in (305mm x 222mm x 7.5mm)
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 675g / 1.48lb
Backlit Keys: Yes (3 levels)
Battery Life: 3 months (rechargeable)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 3.0
Warranty: 12 months

What's In The Box
Brydge 12.3 Keyboard / USB Charging Cable / Quick Start Guide

Compatible with: Microsoft Surface Pro 3 and 4

Model Number: BRY7001