iRizer stand (iPad)
  • iRizer stand (iPad)

Matias iRizer stand (iPad)




Understated and elegant, the iRizer has everything you need in an iPad stand — rock solid stability, a wide range of viewing angles, and ultra-slim portability.

Comfort & convenience.
The iRizer is perfect for those times when you don’t want to hold your iPad — or can’t. Whether you’re typing an email, surfing the web, or just sitting back to enjoy a movie, the iRizer will keep you comfortable.

5 viewing angles — portrait or landscape.
The iRizer adjusts to a very wide range of angles, from a very low 20° — perfect for typing on the touchscreen — to a very vertical 70° that’s ideal for desk use. For other situations, you have five angles to choose from: 20, 30, 40, 50, and 70 degrees.

Beautifully understated.
One of the best things about the iRizer is that it’s mostly invisible when you’re using it. All you see is a thin black strip along the bottom of your iPad. It just blends nicely into the background. No distractions.

Case friendly.
You don’t need to worry if you have your iPad in a case, skin, or bumper. The iRizer can accommodate anything your iPad can.

Packs flat for travel.
For travel, the iRizer’s two thin plates fit neatly together, and into its soft cloth carrying sleeve. The whole package is less than 1/2 an inch thick (11.5 mm) — even thinner than your iPad.

Great with a keyboard.
If you want to use your iPad with a keyboard, you're going to need a stand. The iRizer lets you position your iPad vertically or horizontally, at whatever angle best suits your workspace.

Greener than it looks.
Surprisingly strong and light, the iRizer is made from a special composite material, that contains 45% organic fiber, reducing its carbon footprint.

Size & weight:
0.65 lbs. (295 g)
7.5” x 6.5” x 0.4” (19 x 16.5 x 1.1 cm)

In the box:
- iRizer stand
- Carrying sleeve
- Instruction card

Compatibility: all iPads

Model Number: IR102P