j5 create JUH 320v2 Wormhole Station hub / KVM / card reader (PC/Mac/iPad)

JUH 320v2 Wormhole Station hub / KVM / card reader (PC/Mac/iPad) at equip-u.com

- Wormhole switch Mac and Windows compatible
- Compliment virtual keyboard experience for iPad
- Flash memory card reader
- USB 3.0 super speed
- Cooling function

Wormhole Station is a plug and play interactive terminal working between different system operations.It enables Mac talks to Windows and a virtual keyboard experience with iPad, multiple card reader convenient provisional storage through out various OS and computers, better yet, two USB3.0 ports provides extra connectivity from your computer with 5Gb/S for your volume data transfer at 10 times faster speed.

With Wormhole Station, either side of mouse & keyboard can be moving across two computers even penetrate through an excess monitor, files can be copy and paste between Mac to Mac or Windows to Mac side by side; it outperform flash drive frequently plug-in plug-out latency, Wormhole Station gives you amazing pleasure to do so with one click - Drag & Drop and it is Capacity Free while data transfer is only limited by your hard drive space.

No group firewall contingency, don't have to across any network, no worry of lost or stolen of important data like flash drive. It does not keep memory of your data files, it just seamlessly transfer your files end to end between two computers, Wormhole Station is simply Fast, Safe, Portable and elegant.

- Super Speed USB 3.0 (5Gbps).
- Card Reader supports: SD/MMC, MicroSD, Memory Stick
- No installation CD is required, simply Plug-and-Play
- Keyboard and mouse sharing between two connected computers
- Single cable solution for files transfer
- Clipboard texts and pictures Sharing
- Speed and Convenience - Drag and drop files without a flash drive
- Hassle Free - outperform any flash drive operation latency
- Capacity Free - Data transfer is only limited by your computer's hard drive
- Save or Copy data, photos, music, videos, etc. from a memory card between the two computers
- Compatibility: Mac to Mac, Mac to Windows, Windows to Windows, and Mac to iPad keyboard
- When extra screen setup: When you have a dual screen setup at one PC, mouse cursor can penetrate across all screens between the two computers.
- No group firewall contingency
- No concerns of across different network
- Private & Secure: end to end between two computers.

Wormhole Switch
- Dynamic keyboard and mouse software that enables the user the ability to "Drag and Drop" files between two linked PCs for file sharing and copying.
- File Folder Drag & Drop - Drag designated file from one computer and drop on to another. *This function does not work under iPad.
- Mac and Windows Interactive - Key functions are interactive between all Mac and Mac to Windows, or Windows to Windows.
- Keyboard Mouse Sharing - Switch cursor between two computers and/or additional monitors freely. *Use "Shortcut" to switch cursor to iPad's typing spot.
- Clipboard Copy & Paste - Easily use clipboard to copy and paste files. (This function does not work under iPad).
- Flash memory card reader • 3 port card reader which supports: SD, MMC, MicroSD, and MS cards, extending storage and allowing for convenient photo displays

USB 3.0 Super Speed
- 2 USB 3.0 SuperSpeed ports
- Transfer rates of up to 5gb/s, enabling bulky file backup
- Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 device
- Hot-swapping connect / disconnect without powering down
- Plug & Play

- Helps airflow when ascending laptop rests on Wormhole Station

- The AC adapter provides esufficient power for all external USB devices

System Requirements
System Requirements
Operating System 

Mac OSX10.6 Snow Leopard and OSX10.7 Lion
Windows® XP/ Vista® / Windows 7®
Computer Hardware  Available USB port (USB 2.0 is recommended)

Model Number: JUH320V2