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LMP Thunderbolt 2 optical cable (30m)

Thunderbolt 2 optical cable (30m) at

The LMP Thunderbolt cable connects to a host system's or device's Thunderbolt connector, which provides concurrent support for PCI Express transaction and Display Port format isochronous communication on a single network style interface. It allows the host or device to communicate at high bandwidth with multiple data/display device through a single physical connector.

The active electrical cable makes full use of Thunderbolt technology to deliver great responsiveness with data and display transfers at 10 Gbps in each direction at the same time with no sharing of bandwidth between connectors. Depending on cable length, the Thunderbolt cable is either an active electrical cable (up to 3 m) or an active optical cable (above 3 m).

- Intel and Apple approved
- Thunderbolt 10G & 20G compatible
- 10 Gbps bi-directionally
- Optical signal via copper wire
- Dual-protocol support (PCI Express and DisplayPort)
- Compatible with existing (Mini) DisplayPort devices
- Full speed regardless of cable length
- Supports 4K video transfer
- Low latency with highly accurate time synchronization for professional audio and video applications
- 4K display capabilities via DisplayPort 1.2
- Daisy chain use with up to 6 Thunderbolt device


Thunderbolt 1 (10 Gbps)
Thunderbolt 2 (20 Gbps)

Length: 30m
Connector: LOTES thunderbolt connector or compatible
Weight: approx. 1kg

Electrical Specification:
Supports 2 lane operation
Throughput: 10 Gbps/channel
Link Operating Power Consumption: 1.7 W (typical)

Operating Voltages:
- Low Voltage: 3.1~3.4 V
- High Voltage: 10.5~15.75 V

Power delivery:
- Low Voltage: 3.1~3.4 V
- High Voltage: 10.5~15.75 V (8.5 W for bus-powered mode)

UART Bound Rate: 1 MHz (typical)

Storage and Operation Temperature:
Storage Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard -20~85° C ambient
Operation Temperature: Intel Thunderbolt Standard 0~45° C ambient

EMV: FCC class (B), CE
RoHS, Laser class 1, AOC

Model Number: 12794