G-Technology G-DOCK ev Solo enclosure (USB3)

G-DOCK ev Solo enclosure (USB3) at equip-u.com

G-DOCK ev Solo is a convenient and flexible USB 3.0 docking solution for shared environments, including studios, labs and classrooms.

An existing ev Series hard drive can be plugged directly into the ev Solo, allowing users to transfer and edit files quickly.

Simply insert any one of the Evolution Series hard drives into the G-DOCK ev Solo to transfer, edit and backup with ease.

When paired with the G-DRIVE ev, G-DRIVE ev RaW, G-DRIVE ev 220 or G-DRIVE ev SSD, the G-DOCK ev Solo can easily store up to 2TBs of data and transfer content at rates up to 400MB/s, it is ideal for a variety of workflows.

Model Number: 0G04548