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The Epic Laser Keyboard QWERTY is an innovative keyboard with integrated mouse. This keyboard is an unique ergonomic keyboard. The laser keyboard is projected on the desk and is completely flat. Wrists do not have to bend while typing. The Epic is best used by typing with your arms (without wrist support). By typing with your arms, risk of overload on wrists and fingers is reduced and large arm muscles are used instead which stimulates blood circulation. The compact keyboard design enables you to operate mouse and keyboard within shoulder width. Projection of the keyboard is also completely hygienic and suitable for clean rooms and healthcare environments who work with hygiene protocols.

The Epic Laser Keyboard QWERTY makes a keyboard out of your office desk instantly. The integrated mouse can be switched on and off with a singular motion. The Epic Laser Keyboard is a plug & play device which does not need any software installation. It operates via secured simplified Bluetooth Pairing connection and therefore does not need pass code entrance. The battery is charged via USB connection. The Epic is more compact and fits easily in your pocket which is ideal for travelling. It is most used for smart phones, tablets and PDA's. Besides an appealing gadget appearance and smooth design it is also a fully functioning keyboard that can process 200 keystrokes (about 50 words) per minute. To improve typing experience, the Epic contains Smart Tip Tracking. Smart Tip Tracking blocks out objects that do not resemble a key stroke. The layout of this Epic is QWERTY.

- Product dimensions (LxWxH): 39x19x68 mm
- Package dimensions (LxWxH): 120x70x55 mm
- Gross weight: 308 g
- Net weight: 77 g
- Colour: silver with black
- Design: ergonomic compact keyboard
- Special options: integrated mouse function
- Layout: QWERTY
- Connection: secured Bluetooth via pairing button
- Installation: plug & play
- Configuration: brightness, typing confirmation sound, typing sensitivity
- Surface requirements: all conventional office desks (no glass, mirror, glossy or transparant surfaces)
- Battery lifetime: 2.5 hours
- Battery charging: lithium-ion, rechargeable via USB (operates while charging)
- Keyboard device distance: 100 mm
- Keyboard dimensions (LxW): 240x100 mm
System Requirements
Operates on newest operating systems: Windows: XP/Vista/7/8 (not compatible with Windows Phone 7/8), IOS 4 and later, Android 4 and later, all Mac OS, and OS with Bluetooth HID support

Model Number: RGOCEEPQYS