Color Management Check-Up Kit

Kodak Color Management Check-Up Kit




Profiling your monitor and configuring colour management settings is only half the battle. How do you know your screen is really colour correct? The Kodak Color Management Check-Up Kit is a quick, easy way to verify that your monitor is displaying colour correctly, and can also help you spot colour drift problems with a monitor or printer.

These provides visual verification that your application colour settings, viewing conditions, monitor and prints are colour correct.

This Ideal as a complementary purchase with a monitor calibration system, or if you already own one and are seeking total confidence in your colour.

- Visually check a monitor’s colour accuracy
- Check printer output accuracy – from desktop inkjets to photo lab in-house control
- Evaluate the colour output potential of different photographic printers
- Compare the colour implications of using sRGB to larger camera or scanner profile colourspaces
- Assess viewing conditions suitability

7 digital reference images with colour accurate photographic prints in sRGB and original capture colourspace
Generic ICC profiles for various photographic printers using KODAK PROFESSIONAL output materials
RHEM Strip for verifying viewing conditions
Product manual and Colour Confidence Digital Photography Guide PDF

Model Number: KODA101