Color Manager CD

Pantone Color Manager CD




PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software automatically updates all major design applications with more than 11,000 of the latest PANTONE Plus Series and Fashion & Home colour libraries making them ready to use, including:
- Adobe Creative Suite
- QuarkXpress
- Corel

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software also lets you use ICC Profiles to create your own colour-managed PANTONE colour libraries and includes a feature to convert spot colours to CMYK based on loaded profiles.

PANTONE COLOR MANAGER Software is supplied on CD and boasts numerous benefits, including:

Automatically updates the leading design applications with all the latest PANTONE colour libraries, and keeps them up-to-date

Uses PANTONE Plus Series Color Bridge Values

Build ICC profile-based device-specific CMYK recipes for any PANTONE Graphics library

Simulates and helps you visualise ‘Spot Vs 4-color process’ including display and print gamut warnings

Model Number: PSC-CM100