Roberts RT100 turntable


The sleek and stylish two-speed semi-automatic belt drive RT100 turntable is the perfect companion for your much-loved vinyl records.

With built-in stereo preamplifier you can use the turntable with just about any audio product with a spare auxiliary input - including sound systems, radios, and multi-room speakers.

The RT100 also features USB connectivity, a removable headshell and replaceable cartridge, adjustable tracking force, and anti-skating control.

Connects to just about anything
The built-in preamplifier enables you to connect the RT100 to any of your audio products that have an auxiliary input. So you could play your favourite vinyl through anything ranging from a Roberts Revival or sound system, to a Smart Radio. The Roberts turntable can also be connected to all Roberts R-Line multi-room products such as the S! Wireless Stereo Speaker or the RS-1 multi-room adaptor. These will allow you to fill your home with vinyl sound.

Record from your vinyl using your computer
The RT100 turntable has a USB connection which allows you to make digital recordings of your records, so that you can play them on other devices such as a smartphone or MP3 player.Simply connect the turntable to your computer using the supplied USB cable. Using audio recording software such as Audacity, you can record from your vinyl in a number of different audio formats.

Play your records with ease
With two speeds 33 and 45 r.p.m., you can play your entire vinyl collection.To play a record, simply move the tone-arm towards the record, and the platter automatically starts to rotate. Use the cueing lever to gently lower the stylus.

Contemporary design
The RT100 is finished in a real wood veneer and features a hinged removable dust cover.The clean and uncluttered design allows the RT100 to blend effortlessly into your home.


USB port for PC connection for making digital recordings
Phono Socket (right and left)
Audio cables - Phono and 3.5mm stereo plugs
USB cable
Connect to a hi-fi system, radio, sound system, multi-room speaker or any device with an auxiliary input socket

Integrated switchable Stereo Pre-amplifier
Audio Technica moving magnet cartridge
Belt drive
Adjustable Counterweight
Anti-skating Control
Cueing Lever
Removable Head-shell
33 / 45 r.pm. Speed switch
Die-cast Platter and Rubber mat
Auto Stop On/Off Switch
Removable Dust Cover
DC input socket

Supplied Accessories
Mains Adaptor (UK and EU pins)
USB cable
Audio cable - twin phono plugs
Audio cable - 3.5mm stereo jack plug

Cover closed: 452w x 140h x 366d (mm)
Cover open: 448w x 425h x 420d (mm)
Weight: 5.4kg

Model Number: RT100