Magnetic Vent Wireless Charger and Mount

Cygnett Magnetic Vent Wireless Charger and Mount




The Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger combines the most convenient way to attach your phone securely in your car for perfect driving viewing with the ability to charge your device simultaneously.

- Wireless magnetic car mount offering both a charging capability and mount system simultaneously
- Certified Qi 7.5W wireless charging technology
- 360° rotation and extensive pivot motion
- Mounts quickly and securely to vent
- Strong hold that is always reliable even on rough roads
- Effortless on/off attachment with a strong magnetic connection
- Includes Micro-USB cable

Mount & Go
The Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger is a magnetic mounting system for your phone that fits securely into your car vent system also offering Qi wireless charging technology you can now charge up without the need for cables.

Offering full degree rotation your phone can be in either a vertical or horizontal position with pivot action for perfect driver viewing. With a super strong magnetic hold your phone is secure on even the bumpiest of roads.

With an ultra-compact form the Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless car Charger takes up very little space in your car offering both versatility and a strong design focus.

What's Included
Comes with the Cygnett MagMount unit and a metal ring which provides the attachment to your device and MagMount magnetic base. It also comes with the Micro USB Cable to ensure your wireless charging mount is always easily charged and ready to go.

The Cygnett MagMount Qi Wireless Car Charger with its ultra-compact form is suitable to work in conjunction with most current Qi wireless smartphones of varying sizes including the new Apple iPhone 8 Plus.

Regarding wireless charging the MagMount Wireless Car Charger will only support those devices which offer wireless charging technology such as the new iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as well as Samsung’s range of wireless charging smartphones and many other brands.

Do not use a credit card carrying phone cases with the MagMount Wireless Car Charger with magnetic hold and vent hold as the magnet may wipe your credit cards.

Cases must have a flat back surface and they must be thinner than 1.8mm/0.3 inch or the magnet will not form a strong hold

Maximum device weight: 250g

Model Number: CY2367ACVEN