RC Clamp Panasonic LANC

Manfrotto RC Clamp Panasonic LANC




- Compatible with Sony/Canon (LANC Protocol) + Panasonic cameras
- Multiple pan bar diameters gripping solution
- Multi speed zoom control
- Ideal for rig application

Remote control can be set-up for Lanc (Canon/Sony) and Panasonic cameras.
- Lanc/Panasonic switch
- Stand-by push button (for Lanc only)
- REC/STOP push button
- Multi-speed Zoom knob
- Zoom-direction switch
- REC/STOP LED (for Lanc only)
- Zoom direction knob (by software)


Weight: 120 g
Camera Compatibility: Ref. CamCorder Compatibility Chart V06_15
Certifications: CE ; FCC
Top Attachment: Ø23 mm stud
Colour: Black
Easy Link: No
Material: Technopolymer
Maximum Working Temperature: 60 C
Minimum Working Temperature: -10 C

Model Number: MAN-MVR901ECPL