Be.ez La Robe Club Mix (Macbook Retina 15" Late 2016)

La Robe Club Mix (Macbook Retina 15 Late 2016) at equip-u.com

LA robe Club Mix-Grey redefine what a grey case should be. Neutral, yet never boring. Grey yet not cold, simple but not anonymous. With LA robe Mix-Grey, your MacBook has a match in elegance and simplicity.

LA robe Club Mix-Grey protect all sizes of MacBooks and also accessories.

Low Resilience Polyurethane (LRPu)
Outside material: Jersey Fabric
Inside lining: Soft fleece fabric
Robe protection thickness: 5mm
Max. inner dimensions: MBP15 retina (late 2016) : 350 x 241 x 16mm / 13.8 x 9.5 x 0.7''

Fits: Macbook Retina 15" (Late 2016)

Model Number: 101666