LMP NexGen Keypad (Windows)

NexGen Keypad (Windows) at equip-u.com

To complement the highly successful LMP Bluetooth KeyPad we introduce the new LMP NexGen Bluetooth Keypad. With its sleek design it fits perfectly your Notebook or PC keyboard. It only weights 160g (battery included) which makes it ideal to accompany you. The Bluetooth technology allows convenient wireless access to any Bluetooth-enabled PC, no dongle or driver installation required. (Windows 7 and later). It supports “non-synchronized feature” for independent use of keyboard and keypad and offers an equal sign (=), decimal keys, clear/numlock tab, delete forward and delete backward.

- 21-keys wireless (Bluetooth) keypad for easy and fast working
- ABS upper cover with black key
- Supports Windows 7 or higher
- Scissor-type membrane keys for high comfort typing
- Broadcom 3.0 Bluetooth chipset
- No dongle or driver installation required
- Lightweight and easy to carry along with your laptop

Connection type: Bluetooth 3.0 wireless technology (Broadcom Bluetooth chipset)
Input power: 3.0 VDC, 100 mA
Storage temperature: -10 to 65° C (5% to 90% relative humidity, 25° C)
Weight: 155 gr (including battery)
System requirements: Windows 7 and higher Bluetooth enabled computer
Notes: Keypad does not work with iPad
Battery:1x AA battery or rechargeable battery
Operating temperature: 0 to 50° C (10% to 95% relative humidity, 25° C)
Dimensions: 133 x 83 x 17 mm

Package content
21-key LMP Bluetooth keypad
1 pc. AA battery
Manual and Quick Start Guide (German/English/French/Italian/Spanish)

Model Number: 11407