LMP USB-C to USB-C Extension Cable (1m)

USB-C to USB-C Extension Cable (1m) at equip-u.com


Keeping your distance can be difficult when it comes to USB-C. Due to technical limitations, most USB-C adapters and docks have a length of no more than 15 cm. This might not be enough for a dock to even reach the desktop when attaching to an iMac. And working with all the cable clutter next to your MacBook Pro can be annoying too.

The LMP USB-C to USB-C extension cable transmits data including audio and video (DP Altmode) with up to 5 Gbps as well as power (up to 3A 20V) over a distance of 1 m. It can be used to extend a USB-C video adapter, a USB-C dock with a multitude of ports or the range of your USB-C power adapter. More distance, more freedom.

- Input connections: 1x USB-C 3.1 Type-C male (compatible with Thunderbolt 3 port)
- Length: 1m
- Output connections: 1x USB-C female
- Material: Aluminum, TPE
- Colour: Silver

Model Numbers
Silver 17209
Space Grey 17437