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The hardware-based Mouse Jiggler prevents your computer from going to sleep while you work or play. This plug-and-use USB device comes in three versions and creates constant mouse activity so your computer won't go idle and trigger screen savers or sleep mode—eliminating the need to log in repeatedly.

MJ-1: Automatically simulates small, infrequent mouse movements to prevent screen savers and sleep modes from activating. You can continue to work without interference from the MJ-1.

MJ-2: Simulates high-speed mouse movement to prevent screen savers and sleep modes. This allows you to see at a glance that the MJ-2 is operating, but makes it hard or impossible to use the computer during its operation. This model is popular for practical jokes and pranks.

MJ-3: The MJ-3 is programmable, making it ideal for repetitive IT or gaming tasks. You can create customized scripts with programmed mouse movement, mouse clicks, and keystrokes. The smaller size of the MJ-3 keeps it out of the way and is unobtrusive when installed.

Mouse Jiggler's small size makes it easy to carry and keeps it out of the way while you work.  At 2.32" x 0.71" x 0.39" (59mm x 18mm x 10mm), MJ-1 and MJ-2 are the size of a small thumb drive.  MJ-3 is even smaller—roughly the size of a dime at just 0.75" x 0.55" x 0.25" (18mm x 14mm x 6mm).

Presenters use Mouse Jiggler because it allows them to present without the screensaver popping up in the middle of the presentation. Employees who are unable to change their system sleep settings or install unapproved software on their computers find Mouse Jiggler convenient to keep screen savers or login screens from activating.

IT professionals use the Mouse Jiggler to prevent password dialog boxes due to screensavers or sleep mode after an employee is terminated and they need to maintain access to their computer.

Computer forensic investigators use Mouse Jigglers to prevent password dialog boxes from appearing due to screensavers or sleep mode. With many computer hard drives now employing full-disk encryption, such modes can greatly increase the time and cost of a forensic investigation. When combined with a WiebeTech HotPlug™, investigators can transport a running computer without shutting it down or worrying about logging in.

Whether you're a forensic investigator, technician, or IT professional, the CRU WiebeTech Mouse Jiggler is a useful tool.

Model Numbers
MJ-1 30200-0100-0011
MJ-3 30200-0100-0013
MJ-1 (10-pack) 30200-0100-0021
MJ-3 (10-pack) 30200-0100-0023