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CRU / Wiebetech DriveBox anti-static drive case (3.5" drives)

DriveBox anti-static drive case (3.5 drives) at


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Durable anti-static storage case for bare 3.5-inch hard drives

- Made with textured anti-static plastic for a better grip
- A label area with label included lets you mark it up however you please.
- Store drives on a shelf vertically – this case is steady while standing up.

CRU have improved the design of the DriveBox Anti-Static Drive Case for 3.5″ drives.

More compact, this new case design adds minimal height to a drive. The case is made with textured (for better grip), anti-static plastic.

You need somewhere to keep your hard disks when not in the unit. We know that customers are swapping out entire RAID sets, and are transporting single drives between two locations.

Quantity discounts and custom printing options are available.

Model Numbers
1 3851-0000-09
10 3851-0000-11
500 (with CRU logo) 30030-0030-0013
DriveBox + 2TB (NTFS) 30030-0036-2010
DriveBox + 2TB (HFS+) 30030-0036-3010
DriveBox + 4TB (NTFS) 30030-0038-2010
DriveBox + 4TB (HFS+) 30030-0038-3010